NERPO Livestock Syndicate Scheme


“NERPO Livestock Syndicate Scheme” is a strategy of organising small-holder livestock farmers into syndicates with an aim of linking the with red meat value chain.

What is a Syndicate?

In this context a Syndicate means a group of farmers that have organised themselves into a consorti um primarily for collective livestock marketing in a specified Local or District Municipality.

How to Join

Acquire a NERPO Syndicate applicati on form from NERPO Office/download from NERPO website and submit to NERPO for vetting to check if you qualify.

Who Qualifies?

- Any livestock farmer or farming entity on communal land who can be able to provide 10 cattle for sale per annum.
- Any livestock farmer or farming enti ty on private/leased land who can be able to provide 20 cattle for sale per annum.
- Any livestock farmer or farming entity who can be able to provide 60 sheep/goats for sale per annum.

Obligation and costs to Members of the Syndicate

- Each member will have to sign a binding contract, indicati ng the minimum number of animals that he/she or his/her livestock farming entity will supply and the times of year that      these animals will be offered.
- A membership fee of R1,500 payable annually effective from 1st of January 2015.
- Each member is entitled to pay 5% commission per animal sold at point of sale.

Benefits to members of the Syndicate

- Farmer training is paramount – to reduce intercalving period, improve calving %, improve herd management and produce a product that fi t market requirements.
- Training and mentorship programme of 2-day contact sessions per quarter and mentorship in the intervening period.
- NERPO will support the farmers with inputs (e.g.vaccines, stock remedies and feed supplements), which could be paid for at point of sale.
- NERPO will organize easier access to breeding stock.
- NERPO Marketing Agency will organize market for stock that will be sold by the syndicates.
- NERPO will facilitate that syndicates acquire shareholding to feedlots and abattoirs they supply with stock and receive dividents.

Benefits to Nerpo

- Fullfilment of the organisation’s objectives of facilitating members’ access to markets, technical support and finance.
- Improve the capacity of the syndicates and the organization at district, provincial and national levels in terms of bargaining power and lobbying and advocacy.
- Ensuring membership increase & stability.

Implementation Program

- Awareness campaign and signing of syndicate contracts by 31st Mach 2015 by individual farmers
- Formation and registration of district syndicate by 30th April 2015
- Vetting and verification of syndicate members (farms and stock) by 30th June 2015.
- Commencement of training of syndicate member from 1st July 2015
- Commencement of livestock trading/sales from 1st November 2015

For more Information

Ms Mando Nkutshweu:
012 492 1383 / 073 179 5576
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.