Current status

There is scientific evidence that proves that livestock productivity within the emerging sector is still way below its potential. To improve profitability, emerging farmers need to enter the well-defined commercial markets, where attributes such as feed conversion efficiency, reproductive soundness, growth rate and superior carcass attributes attract premium prices. Technology transfer and projects that focused on the following animal production components have been designed:

• Animal breeding; 
• Animal nutrition; 
• Animal health; and 
• General principles of livestock management


A system approach in which the animal breeding programme (genetic improvement) is accompanied by improved animal nutrition, management, animal health, marketing options and extension support programme is followed as the main strategy. NERPO decided to use a new approach that is based on traditional barter system instead of using money as an exchange medium of purchasing good breeding material, which is normally expensive to be afforded by ordinary emerging producers. In this programme, participating farmers bring two heifers in exchange for one registered bull of his/her choice. Less productive or poor quality animals received from farmers are sold and the income from such sales is used to purchase additional good quality breeding stock for exchange to other farmers. Benchmark farms for both stud breeding and commercial farming purposes, with special emphasis on optimisation of profits and good genetic pool are established.