The National Emergent Red Meat Producers' Organisation (NERPO) was established as a voluntary commodity farmer Organization in 1997 and was subsequently registered as a section 21 Company in January 1999. The Organisation was established as a direct result of disparities that exist between the established and emerging agricultural sectors and such imbalances include the following:

- Access to resources and therefore farming opportunities

- Institutional and infrastructural Support

- Technical, Professional and Life Skills

The primary aim of NERPO is to commercialize the developing agricultural sector and ensure meaningful participation of black individuals within the mainstream commercial agribusiness sector, hence ensuring the long term sustainability of the agricultural sector in South Africa.

To achieve its principal objectives, NERPO had to establish a consulting and training division called NERPO Consulting and Training Services (NCTS); and investment arm called NERPO Investments Limited (NerVest) and a financial services unit called NERPO Financial Services (Pty) Ltd (NFS) as business arms of the Organisation that provide a platform and framework within which to work.