The membership base of NERPO is composed of two classes drawn from developing livestock farmers and corporate sector:

Developing livestock farmers

The Organisation has clearly defined its target market or constituency in terms of the following definition of a developing red meat producer:

"In terms of NERPO's founding constitution, an emergent red meat producer is any person or group of persons who have just come into view from a state of racial or gender discrimination and who farms with beef cattle, lamb/mutton sheep, meat goats and/or pigs on extensive or intensive systems, with the main purpose of selling such animals for profit".

The communities targeted are both full-time and part-time emerging red meat producers (as defined above) who are predominantly farming on rural communal farming allotments and those who have privately owned/leased farms. The main economic activity of the targeted areas is mainly agriculture with special emphasis on livestock production.

Corporate Class

NERPO also accommodate corporate membership (livestock input suppliers or service provider) as associate members. Our associate members enjoy unlimited access to information and participate in NERPO's activities. This provide excellent platform for the best implementation of the marketing strategy especially when their services also target the developing sector. The amount for joining is only R10 000 per annum which is used to cover some of NERPO's development project costs.

How to Join the Organisation

Livestock farmers have an option to either join as a group (association) or stand-alone (individuals)

Association: Farmers could pull together their joining fee and join as a group. This option offers a special discount to individual farmers especially when the group is big enough (more than 30 members). The total joining fee regardless of the size of the group stands at R15 000 plus annual subscription fee of R100, which is renewable annually.

Individual: The joining fee for individual farmers is limited to R500 plus annual subscription of R100 renewable annually.

Payment of the joining fee could be a once-off payment or special arrangements for installment over 5 year period could be