To be consistent with the vision, mission, goals and target market, the Organisation has adopted to offer the services outlined in the table below to its specialised constituency.


Related Service

1    Influence policy and legislation in favour of the emerging farmers

•     Keep abreast of and advise on intended legislation and macro-economic developments

•     Evaluate information obtained and respond appropriately

•     Disseminate relevant information to members for discussion and inputs

•     Establish and maintain contact with relevant government and non-govern-mental agencies

2    Facilitate sound decision making

•     Collate, interpret and disseminate economic related information to members – such information will include:

      latest technology, local and national livestock prices and meat market trends

3    Facilitate access to technical support, finance and markets for members

•     Identify training needs amongst all members

•     Source appropriate programmes to meet the identified needs

•     Facilitate the implementation of training as required

•     Facilitate the development of market infrastructure for emerging red meat producers

•     Identify sources of funding for identified projects

4    Facilitate participation of youth and women in the industry

•     Identify unemployed youth and women with the potential of being agricultural entrepreneurs

•     Settle the identified youth in training farms

•     Facilitate the implementation of practical training as required

•     Facilitate their settlement on own farms

5    Provide consulting and training services within the red meat industry

•     Develop and manage agricultural development projects

•     Conduct research for agricultural development

•     Provide education and training services to the unemployed young agricultural graduates and emerging red meat producers.