The meat and livestock industry in South Africa is dominated by white commercial producers, speculators, processors and traders. Very few black entrepreneurs have succeeded in entering the ranks of the established livestock producers and even fewer have established themselves in the meat marketing chain. Exclusion has led to mistrust and many black producers feel that they are being cheated by the commercial marketing system. Only exposure and direct involvement can improve this situation. 

Until the emergent black farmers have established themselves in the marketing of their livestock and the black entrepreneurs have become an integral part of the commercial marketing chain, the meat industry cannot expect to enjoy more than token political support. Black farmers and businessmen need some interventions to become part of the formal meat and livestock sector. This action cannot be limited to marketing in the communal areas as this will perpetuate the exclusion of the black participants and will fail to introduce them to the commercial sector. 

NERPO Investments Limited that is an existing public company established by the members of the Organisation in 1998 with the intent to promote and gain access as an empowerment company to the commercial red meat industry is a driving force for the implementation of this strategic objective.