NERPO Farm Machinery and Infrastructure Credit Fund is a credit line that provides emerging farmers with finance for infrastructural development in their farms. These include both fixed improvements and general farm machinery.

What is the interest rate of NERPO Infrastructure fund?

The interest rate is fixed at 4%.

What type of Infrastructure can be financed by this fund?

Farm Machinery and Implements
Fixed Improvements eg. sheds and storage houses
Irrigation, Boreholes and Water resevoirs
Fencing and Handling facilities

Criteria Parameters

Minimum Limit R10 000
Maximum Limit R1 000 000 depending on the security offered and the amount the client qualifies for
Term From 5 to 60 months
Security The Financial items will form part of the security/collateral
RSA Citizen
PDI (Previously Disadvantage Individuals)
Access to Farming Land
Clean Credit Profile
Business Plan and/or Audited Financial Statements 



Nerpo Financial Services Management Structure

NERPO Group Managing Director

Mr. Mahanjana has a Bachelors Degree from the University of Fort Hare majoring in Land Use planning, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development; a Masters Degree in Animal Production from University of Pretoria and Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (HED) from University of Fort Hare; Post graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education from UNISA; Economics and Public Finance from UNISA and is currently registered for a PhD in Sustainable development with the University of Stellenbosch.

His work experience stretches over 25 years and includes being a project manager and Agricultural Extension specialist in the former Ciskei government; a Lecturer and a Principal at Fort Cox College of agriculture and forestry.

Currently he is a consultant and NERPO Group Executive Director.

His area of speciality is agricultural and rural development with emphasis in human aspects of development.

He is a writer, a researcher, agricultural skills trainer and well known and respected in the agricultural sector especially in the Red Meat Industry.

Manager: CEO NERPO Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

Ms. Nyathela has a B.Com Accounting degree obtained from the University of the North. After qualifying, she worked for ABSA Bank for two years where she obtained a National Certificate in Banking from the Institute of Bankers.

In 2002 she joined NERPO as a Manager: Administration, Finance and HR and was released in 2004 to 2006 to do her articles with Beyers Muller (CA) SA.

In 2006 she rejoined NERPO as CEO. Her vast experience includes consulting work & project management for the Seta's and holds several certificates in financial management and taxation. She completed an International Credit Analysis course in the U.S.

She has certificates in Short Term and Long Term Insurance. She is currently studying for an LLB Degree with UNISA

CA (SA), Group Accountant

Mr. Nicha is a Chartered Accountant, he obtained a B.Com Accounting from University of Pretoria in 2003, B.Com Accounting (Honours) from University of KZN IN 2004 and obtained his CA qualification in 2010.

He has been involved in both auditing and accounting services as a result he has a five years experience in that field.

He completed Articles with Horwath Lubbes. Started articles in 2006 and completed in 2008.

During his time at Horwath Lubbes he was mainly involved in auditing of small to medium companies.

He joined the NERPO Financial Services (Pty) Ltd in 2009 as the Group Accountant and has been involved with all NFS projects ever since.

Manish is mainly involved in financial reporting of the NERPO Group of companies but from time to time also assists the Executive Directors in proposing for new funding and projects on behalf of the NERPO Group