AFASA's National Youth Workshop

25 Jun 2013

Media Release
For Immediate Release

At AFASA's National Youth Workshop which was held in Pretoria on 23rd-25th June 2013, young farmers from all nine provinces of the Republic of South Africa have unanimously called for the establishment of an Agri Youth Fund for youth empowerment in Agriculture.

In the main, the AFASA National Youth Workshop sought to create a platform for a national dialogue out of which, young farmers could discuss and develop a National Master Action Plan for Youth Empowerment in Agriculture.

The National Master Action Plan has prioritized the following key pillars:

- Education, Training and Skills Development;
- Leadership Development;
- Agripreneurship;
- Lobby and Advocacy; and
- Agri-Information Technology, Corporate Communications and Marketing

"I was particularly impressed to note that there was a lot of enthusiasm from young farmers, to grow and become future commercial farmers in Agriculture. Young farmers have made practical proposals on key problem areas in our sector which included education, training, leadership development and funding. The establishment of a ring-fenced Agri Youth Fund, will go a long way in empowering our young farmers across the country. The National Executive Council of AFASA, have now been entrusted with a responsibility of lobbying government and agribusiness development agencies to support this initiative" said AFASA's Secretary-General, Mr. Aggrey Mahanjana.

The workshop have identified target role players to support this initiative which include DAFF, DRDLR, ARC, NAMC, NYDA, IDC, NDA and NEF.

Mahanjana also announced that "as part of education, training and leadership development programme, AFASA will soon introduce leadership development competitions in all 52 districts, a prize of which will include a bursary and scholarship aimed at empowering of AFASA youth leaders".

The workshop also highlighted a need for a national campaign to encourage successful commercial farmers, to support adoption of young for on-the-farm incubation programmes.

AFASA is a unitary and official national representative body of all smallholder farmers with a sole mandate of facilitating the creation of successful and competent commercial farmers.