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At Yesterday's Katanga province's Ministerial visit to NERPO, the Democratic Republic of Congo's delegation led by the Katanga Minister for Mining, Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Mr. Mumba Gama, made a clarion call on NERPO to assist emerging and potential farmers with capacity building, training and mentoring.

Talking through an interpreter, the Minister commended NERPO for illustrious strides made in mobilizing farmers into a highly organized Commodity Association. "Only 15 years in the business of organized agribusiness, NERPO has achieved tremendously. Without relying too much on government, NERPO has managed to create a conducive environment for emerging black farmers to find solutions to their own problems. In the DRC we need to work hard in encouraging farmers to farm and NERPO has set a very good example and we are certain we can learn one or two things from them" he said.

The visit was organized by the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA) and is an integral part of Gauteng MEC for Economic Development, Ms Qedani Mahlangu's mandate to assist local business gain access to the markets in the African continent through initiatives that enhance co-operation and long term relationships with various public and private entities.

In the main the meeting, sought to create an opportunity for NERPO and the Minister to share farming experiences while identifying opportunities for members of NERPO to access markets in the mineral rich province of Katanga in DRC.

Mr. Gama told a NERPO representation headed by Dr. Langa Simela, Chief Executive Officer of NERPO, that "Contrary to the media pessimistic and misleading reports influenced by the minority doing business in the DRC that it is not safe to invest and do business in our country, the DRC has investment opportunities worth about R2.5 billion US Dollars and guarantees about 95% safety for anyone who lives and does business there."

"Companies like Standard Bank and the Independent Development Corporation (IDC) continue to do business there" he alluded.

On behalf of NERPO Dr. Langa Simela accepted the invitation to assist emerging farmers in the other parts of the World. "We are very humbled and honoured to have hosted the Ministerial Delegation from Congo but most importantly that we have given them a reason to consider working with us. We hope that this is not the last time we engage with them as we believe we can share experiences and learn from each other and help in heightening the potential for growth and development of the emerging sector" she said.



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