Dear NERPO Member,

It gives us an immense pleasure to invite you to the 2017 Annual NERPO Livestock Syndicate Scheme Competition. The main purpose of the competition is twofold, namely to encourage NERPO farmers to become commercial farmers and to encourage the corporate sector as well as the government to be part of NERPO’s initiative of commercialising smallholder farmers.

The following competition categories would be contested for both small and large stock:

Best freehold farmer with a herd of above 100 breeding cows OR 600 small stock
Best freehold farmer with a herd of between 50 and 100 breeding cows OR between 300 and 600 small stock
Best communal farmer with a herd of between 50 and 100 breeding cows OR between 300 and 600 small stock
Best managed and performing syndicate (See section C)
Best field facilitator (See section D)

The following points are critical for farmers to participate in the competition. You can only join the competition if:

You have paid NERPO Livestock Syndicate Scheme fee at least once in the past three years (i.e. from as far as 2015)
You are a member of NERPO in good standing (paid membership in 2017)
You have at least 50 breeding cows OR small stock

Furthermore, the office will nominate the best three syndicates which will be audited by external verifiers for the selection of the best syndicate, based on the following criteria:

Registered as an entity (Co-op, Trust, etc.)
Held at least four meetings in the past 12 months
Purchased medication together as a syndicate
Purchased feed together as a syndicate Marketed livestock together as a syndicate
Attended all trainings

If you are not yet part of NERPO syndicate scheme, please go and join any syndicate scheme closest to you or form your own with a minimum of 10 members.

The office will further nominate three (3) field facilitators who will also be subjected to an external verification, based on the following criteria:

Managed to secure a mentor in all trainings Did tagging on time
Arranged successful trainings
Run an organised syndicate and managed to facilitate syndicate institutional issues Sold at least 200 weaners per syndicate
Enquired about marketing information regularly Innovative and went extra-mile

The following awards are up for grabs:

Farm Bakkie
Breeding bulls/rams Veterinary and feed vouchers
Other farm inputs

Competition ends 31st July 2017

For more information please contact head office: Mando Nkutshweu • 012 492 1383 •
We would like to wish you good luck. May the best farmer win!

Kind Regards,

Aggrey Mahanjana

General Managing Director, NERPO